Designer Profile: Michelle Mathis, RLA, Learning Landscapes Design

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Eight years ago, on a five-day cycling tour of Berlin, Michelle Mathis stumbled upon her first bonafide adventure playground. What she saw caught her off guard: along several hundred linear feet of boardwalk, children unaccompanied by parents were using hammers, hand saws, and pieces of scrap wood to build forts, some as high as twenty… Read more »

Designer Spotlight: Hitchcock Design Group

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One of my favorite places to go for a walk is the Spruce Plot at the Morton Arboretum, outside Chicago. There is a perceptible hush and temperature drop on entering the forest, as though you’ve been transported to another time and place. A grid of towering spruces crowds out the sky. Dim light filters through… Read more »

The 7 Best Playgrounds of 2016

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The days of monkey bars suspended over pea gravel are far behind us. But the evolution of playgrounds is happening so fast, and in such varied ways, the change can seem dizzying. Certainly one of the biggest trends of 2016 is the growing popularity of fitness-focused playgrounds designed for older children and adults. Another is… Read more »

The World’s Top Five Outdoor Classrooms

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A few months ago, the published results of a four-year demonstration study of 40,000 children across South West England conducted by Plymouth University, found both students and teachers to be happier, more engaged in the learning process, and more enthusiastic about coming to school after spending time in outdoor environments. The study adds to a… Read more »

Troll Forest Balacing Beam

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On our outing into the Troll Forest in Jaerna, a small town just south of Stockholm, my grandchildren found this amazing beam. It was a very long fallen tree that was still rooted on one side. The end of the tree was just high enough for the children to climb up to it. Together they made it… Read more »

Business Week Rates Goric as 2 of 10 Best US Playgrounds

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Businessweek has rated playgrounds across the country.  Goric Marketing Group USA supplied 2 of the 10 most innovative playgrounds. We would like to encourage you to submit pictures of your local playground with your review…what do you like and what don’t you like and why? Do you have a question about fundraising, standards, or otherwise. … Read more »