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The Inclusive Scooter Roundabout offers children a unique new way to spin. Riders can sit on a seat or in a wheelchair, and use either the seat handrail or the scooter to push off for spinning. Nearly 6’ in diameter the roll-on, roll-off Roundabout accommodates a range of wheelchairs. Bumpers, grippy surface texture, and an outer ring with an incised non-slip pattern give people in wheelchairs an extra sense of security. Without a wheelchair, the Roundabout can accommodate four people in the middle, while others sit or scoot on the sides.



AGE: 5 Years Plus

USE ZONE: 24' 9 3/4"

FALL HEIGHT: 1' 3-1/4"

SIZE: 6' 9 3/4" x 1' 3-1/4" h

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