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Specially designed to be accessible at ground level, the Integration Carousel can be enjoyed by children of all abilities. It accommodates up to two wheelchairs that are protected by the safety bars.

The carousel can be rotated by pushing or pulling from the outside or by turning the stationary turn-table in the middle, which is accessible to children in wheelchairs. This provides an experience for children of all abilities to work together and enjoy the Integration Carousel as a group.

(Note: the Integration Carousel is currently available either in the Red/Blue color scheme, or in all Grey.)


CATALOG NUMBER: E56400300009

AGE: 2 Years Plus

USE ZONE: 20'10" (6.3m) diameter

FALL HEIGHT: 1'3" (.37m)

SIZE: 8'6" (2.6m) diameter, 2'10" (.87m) h

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