• Image of part for the See-saw - Rubber spring shock absorption bearings with integrated damping technology means a soft impact and no entrapment spaces.
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A rubber shock absorption bearing ensures a comfortable landing, making this single-seater See-Saw an inspired update to the classic playground mainstay. Pleasantly concealed from view and designed to be completely maintenance free, the innovative rubber bearing eliminates the need for seat bumpers, and provides for a sleek and attractive design. Cooperation remains a requirement between those sitting at either end, increasing socialization benefits for children and providing an excellent opportunity for parents to join in and play as well.


CATALOG NUMBER: 0-44340-000

AGE: 5 Years Plus

USE ZONE: 23'8" x 13'2" (7.2 x 4m)

FALL HEIGHT: 3'3" (1m)

SIZE: 11'8" x 1'2" x 3' (3.55 x .35 x .9m)

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