• The Dish in Action
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Ideal for older children (age 5 and up), this dish-shaped spinner can challenge even the most physically adept to maintain their balance while sitting, lying, and even standing upright. Often a popular playground favorite, the Dish often induces social interactions and encourages cooperation as small groups work together to spin the Dish faster and faster. Short bursts of intense physical activity, long-lasting friendship building, and near endless fun make this dish-shaped spinner a whirl of a ride.


CATALOG NUMBER: 500-00-149

AGE: 5 Years Plus

USE ZONE: 18'7" Ø (5.7m)

FALL HEIGHT: 2'7" (.8m)

SIZE: 6'7" Ø x 3'/1'6"h (2 Ø x .9/.46m)

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