Frontier Park, Erie PA

From a gleam in the eye of Erie developer Rick Griffith, to the completed project, the effort to bring three, 40-foot slides to an overgrown, unused hillside once used as dump for old bricks, garnered an astonishing amount of media coverage, not to mention support from the community, government and business. Read more here: The… Read more »



Datto employees could take the stairs, but sliding down is faster and more fun. Plus, the play factor encourages socialization and encourages just that little bit of risk-taking that businesses have found encourages creativity and productivity. So when Datto, a cybersecurity and data protection company, was remodeling its Rochester, New York building, stainless steel tube… Read more »

Meow Wolf Area 15

Meow Wolf

Built to the exacting requirements of the famed Meow Wolf artist collective, two double helix slides dominate the center of an other-worldy supermarket. They transport visitors from one level to another in this immersive interactive experience just minutes off the Vegas Strip. Bathed in ever-changing colors, they are the most visible of the Goric slides…. Read more »

Rainy Park, Queens, NYC

Rainey park NYC (2) 1200

These two beautiful slides were installed so that fit perfectly on two peaking mounds, one at 10′ high and the other at 4′ high. One of the best features of stainless steel slides is that they continue to look new after many years of use. Goric also supplied the rubber tiles, as shown in the… Read more »

Rietberg, Germany

This project was fully funded by local businesses, community groups and individuals who supported the idea of installing a very unique and exciting playground in their community. This 23m (75 1/2′) tower features a combination of three different slides: spiral, straight and roller.