Rainy Park, Queens, NYC

Rainey park NYC (2) 1200

These two beautiful slides were installed so that fit perfectly on two peaking mounds, one at 10′ high and the other at 4′ high. One of the best features of stainless steel slides is that they continue to look new after many years of use. Goric also supplied the rubber tiles, as shown in the… Read more »

Rietberg, Germany

This project was fully funded by local businesses, community groups and individuals who supported the idea of installing a very unique and exciting playground in their community. This 23m (75 1/2′) tower features a combination of three different slides: spiral, straight and roller.

HDL office building, Indoor slide

One of the best ways to be from a second, third or even fourth floor to the ground level is by a slide! Check out these amazing spiral slides at the Health Diagnostic Lab building where they installed 2 “short” slides to get from one level to the next. The poly-carbonate cover looks beautiful and… Read more »