Friends – With the end of the year just around the corner and we look back on 2021 it’s tempting to view it through a dark lens. No one can be blamed for seeing 2021 as another year of hardship, when Covid continued to reign over our lives, constricting us in work and play. Yet… Read more »

Pat Stout went to the 2021 ASLA conference to earn CE credits and discover new and innovative products he might include in a project someday. He didn’t expect to also be going home with a Goric Crazy Maze. Not, he joked, with his time playing our virtual maze game. It took him something like 37… Read more »

Have you seen the crazy route Tom Mroz is taking to this year’s ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture? By the time he arrives in Nashville for the start of the conference on November 19, Tom, president of ASLA, will have run more than 1,000 miles. He’s zigzagged from his home in Ann Arbor, Michigan to… Read more »

Outside the Woodinville Library, in the wooded suburbs of Redmond and Seattle, Washington is an Exploring Garden with two parabolic dishes that could be mistaken for radio antennas. But watch the children. By now, years after the dishes were first installed, the kids know what to do. One runs to the farthest dish and whispers… Read more »

Goric embankment slide

Even before their official dedication last month, the Griff slides of Erie, Pennsylvania had taken on almost mythic proportions. “This is just huge for the Erie community,” said landscape architect Alex Luddy. “That’s shown by all the community involvement we had.” From a gleam in the eye of Erie developer Rick Griffith, to the completed… Read more »

If you’ve ever had to tear your mud-covered child away from a puddle or sopped up the aftermath of a particularly active bath session, then you know how irresistible water is to children. That splash pads draw crowds wherever they pop up in cityscapes and playgrounds is a given. But water play has far more… Read more »

100 miles from Nevada’s mysterious Area 51 is the mystifying Area 15 of Las Vegas. Inside an almost ordinary building of warehouse proportions is a supermarket like no other in the world. At first look, it’s a perfectly normal market, if more colorful and cleanly stocked than where you shop. Look closer. The soups sort… Read more »

This week we announced that Laura Guscott has been named president of the company. As Goric’s CEO, Laura has led the day to day operations since 2012. Now, with her new responsibilities, she will be fully responsible for setting the strategy and growing Goric’s presence throughout North America. “I am honored to be entrusted with… Read more »

  Dear friends, With the end of 2020 here, it’s tempting to just want to put it behind us and look ahead to 2021. No one will blame us for saying “Good bye” to a year of divisive turmoil, social separation, distancing and, for all too many of us, a year of heartbreaking loss. As… Read more »