Knudsen Park

No mere splash pad, the 4,000 square foot water play area at Knudsen Park was designed to give children control over how to move water through a system of canals, channels and troughs. Modeled after the hands-on water systems in modern children’s museums, children alone or in teams can open and close gates, operate hand… Read more »

Blue Planet, National Aquarium, Denmark

Water & sand are among the most important resources on earth. Undoubtedly. But both are also the most popular materials for play. Combined with our stainless steel water play system, they become magic on every playground. When planning the Blue Planet, the Copenhagen team of 3XN Architects decided to enrich their fantastic building with an… Read more »

Alexander Kemp Playground, Cambridge Common, MA

Silo - Commons

The Kemp playground opened in 2009 and is a hands-on sand and water works exploratory for young children. Featuring Water Play system E, sand play accessories that have been attached to a custom built boat-looking structure, the Rodeo seesaw, hill slide with rubber palisades, climbing nets and the Integration Carousel (in addition to swings, tunnels… Read more »