• And arrangement of purple, green, yellow and blue EPDM balls and half balls on grey tiles.
  • Rubber surfacing Balls
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EUROFLEX® Balls and Half Balls are highly successful design components for distinctively noticeable playgrounds. Equally attractive whether used indoors or outdoors, EUROFLEX® Balls and Half Balls fit in with any surroundings due to their harmonic shape and rounds out the overall appearance of any play area. EUROFLEX® Balls and Half Balls can be mounted either with a steel anchor or a surface mount plate.

Fall heights and use zones vary. Contact us for more information or for design layout options.



AGE: 2 Years Plus

USE ZONE: varies


SIZE: 1'1 3/4" / 1' 7 3/4" / 2' 3 3/8" diam.

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