Each of our manufacturers go to great lengths to conserve energy, purchase electricity from renewable sources, eliminate waste and use sustainable locally sourced raw materials.

  • Our manufacturers use a high quality stainless steel (grade 304), durable hardware, heavy duty bearings and high quality recycled and virgin rubber. These materials make up playground equipment that looks beautiful for many years with little maintenance. The need for equipment replacement is prolonged thereby postponing the consumption of more resources. At the end of the playground life cycle all of the playground elements may be fully recycled.
  • Linie M (previously Conlastic) uses stainless steel that consists of 83% recycled content. It is estimated that the pre-consumer recycled content is 32% and the post-consumer recycled content is 51%.
  • In order to have complete control over the production, raw materials and waste Linie M (previously Conlastic)products are produced exclusively in Germany in accordance to the TüV and EU standards and adheres to all German waste and recycling regulations. All raw materials that are used in production originate in Europe and are supplied by only well-known sources following modern energy philosophies.
  • All wood from our manufactures is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council).
    The FSC developed 10 principles and 56 indicators as standards that encompass their vision for forest management. Forests, which are managed in accordance with these standards, can be labelled with FSC certification. Consumers who buy FSC labelled products, make an active contribution to sustainable management of forests around the globe. To learn more about the FSC, visit their website at www.fsc.org
  • Robinia wood, used by many of our manufacturers, naturally repels insects, moss and rot because of its inherent acidic properties. This wood is untreated making it the perfect complement to the playground environment. The surface is pleasant to the touch and does not splinter. Robinia wood is extremely durable and can be thermally recycled or be composted.
  • Kraiburg (EuroFlex rubber surfacing) has no waste in their production process as all material goes back in the production cycles for other products. See their USGBC certificate (US Green Building Council) here and a video about their company and processes here  Kraiburg overview .