We are play enthusiasts driven by the goal of creating play environments where children of any age and ability can play creatively and develop to their full potential.
Combining natural beauty, structural integrity, and intergenerational fun, the Goric team of play enthusiasts has provided fun experiences for children of all ages and abilities for more than 20 years.

Children are influenced by all aspects of their environment. Colors, textures, smells, sights, size and sounds all combined create an environment that can facilitate new understandings of the world around them. At Goric, we like to offer children the opportunity for imaginative growth by exposure to fine materials and design. When playground equipment is nondescript, the child can decide how to play and what the narrative is. As children grow and become more skillful, their play experiences change: they can climb higher, stand on the wobbly platform rather than sit, spin faster, and their internal narratives become more complex.

Playgrounds are not only built for children to develop their physical abilities but they are also the perfect place for social development and interaction between children and adults of different ages. Ideally, the playground is a place that facilitates both independent play and opportunity for child and caregiver to play together. Our hope is that the adult cannot help themselves but to take part in the fun. The playground should be a place to unplug and be offline so that children, parents, older siblings, friends and grandparents can all play together at the same level.

Structural Integrity:
We work with manufacturers that have a long history of building high quality, reliable and exciting playground equipment. Their equipment, including the exceptionally well-engineered moving parts, is long lasting and basically maintenance free for public settings. Besides outstanding functionality we think it is important that our equipment is looking good for many years and is aesthetically pleasing.