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A unique labyrinth for developing coordination and concentration. Stand on it, sit on it, or manipulate the enclosed ball with your hands. It’s a great core workout for both young and old alike. Choose from three labyrinth designs and colored or stainless steel sides:

Twist (colored sides): 500-00-142

Twist (stainless steel): 500-00-153

Charleston (colored sides): 500-00-143

Charleston (stainless steel): 500-00-154

Hula (colored sides): 500-00-141

Hula (stainless steel): 500-00-152


CATALOG NUMBER: 500-00-153

AGE: 2 Years Plus

USE ZONE: 14' x 13'3 3/4" (4.2 x 2.2m)

FALL HEIGHT: 1'1" (.3m)

SIZE: 2'x 1'3 3/4"x 1'1"

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