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EUROFLEX® Diamond is a dodecahedron that’s available in 20 bright EPDM colors. Kids of all ages will love to sit on it, balance on it, and leap from diamond to diamond. You can use it as a demarcation element that will bring creativity to your design. 

It is also available as a half-diamond. Use both full and half diamonds along with balls and cubes to create a multi-dimensional playscape.



AGE: 2 Years Plus

USE ZONE: 6' diameter around

FALL HEIGHT: Half Diamond: 8 3/4", Full Diamond: 1' 5 9/16"

SIZE: Half Diamond: 1' 8 9/16" wide x 8 3/4" high, Full Diamond: 1' 9 9/16" wide x 1' 8 9/16" long x 1' 5 9/16" high

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