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Balance and muscular coordination are crucial to a child’s development. The Steppers were designed to promote these abilities. With four heights to choose from, the designer can use the Steppers in a variety of applications.

An essential skill for many sports and playing in general is maintaining balance while moving along a defined narrow path. To do this, an outstanding sense of balance and muscular coordination are required. EUROFLEX® Stepper balancing elements were designed specifically to help promote these abilities. Available in 4 different heights, they provide architects maximum freedom in creating adventurous walkways for children to master.

The easy-to-install base socket (to be ordered separately) provides stable support and facilitates installation and removal.

Color options: red, green, grey or black (100% recycled rubber)



AGE: 2 Years Plus

USE ZONE: 12'10" diameter (combinations vary)

FALL HEIGHT: 8"/1'/1'4"/1'8"h (.2/.3/.4/.5m)

SIZE: 10" diameter x 8"/1'/1'4"/1'8" h (.2/.3/.4/.5m)

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