• Waterfall - Goric Marketing Group USA, Inc.
  • Waterfall - Goric Marketing Group USA, Inc.
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An imaginative new play environment emerges when you combine the pure joy of sliding down a railing banister with the gentle roll of a traditional hillside. Whether scampering towards the top or streaking to the bottom, groups of children can race side-by-side, again and again. The Waterfall is an eye-catching addition sure to prove popular in any playground.


CATALOG NUMBER: 500-00-097

AGE: 2 Years Plus

USE ZONE: 26'9" x 15'11" (8.2 x 4.9m) - plan view

FALL HEIGHT: 1'10" (.56m)

SIZE: 16'3" x 3'11" x 1'10"h (5 x 1.2 x .56m)

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