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This popular spinner works for those who prefer to sit, and those who prefer to stand, so long as the preference is a fun-filled spin. Designed for multiple combinations that provide varying degrees of challenge for different age levels and abilities, the Whirlwind is available short or tall, with a curved or straight stem, along with 3 great anti-slip designs. A total of 12 different possible combinations makes the Whirlwind an excellent choice for multiple placements throughout a single play area.


500-00-1 (tall, straight)

500-00-2 (tall, curved)

500-00-3 (short, straight)

500-00-4 (short, curved)



AGE: 2 Years Plus

USE ZONE: 13'8" (4.2m) diameter

FALL HEIGHT: 1'3" (.4m)

SIZE: (Tall) 1'8" diameter x 4'1"h (.5 diameter x 1.24m h)

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