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The Kemp playground opened in 2009 and is a hands-on sand and water works exploratory for young children. Featuring Water Play system E, sand play accessories that have been attached to a custom built boat-looking structure, the Rodeo seesaw, hill slide with rubber palisades, climbing nets and the Integration Carousel (in addition to swings, tunnels and a custom designed hedge-labyrinth). The city Landscape Architect, Robert Steck, created a cohesive play environment for probably the most highly used playground in Cambridge. A local artist and carpenter, Mitch Ryerson, created some of his first playground pieces here along with his beautiful custom made benches. According to the Cambridge website, “(the playground) has a variety of play features to stimulate challenging physical activity as well as creative, exploratory, imaginative and social play for kids of all ages. It builds on the idea that playgrounds are places where children grow and learn about themselves and the world around them.” (cambridgema.gov/cdd/projects/parks/commonkemp.aspx)


This playground is also a wonderful example of an intergenerational playground as the parents and caretakers gladly take part in turning the water pump wheel, moving sand and narrating to the children how to manipulate the sand and water.

Landscape Architect

Robert Steck, City of Cambridge

Playground Equipment

Water play system E , Sand Silo , Conveyor Belt , Integration Carousel


Cambridge Common at Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA