In today’s age of tech savvy children playground designers are constantly designing new and innovative play components to attract today’s wired-child to the playground. This approach to new and innovative designs many times comes into conflict with society’s preoccupation with over protecting children from life’s bumps and bruises. As children continuously seek new ways to… Read more »

Every year I build a gingerbread creation. For the past few years I have made my own patterns which is fun and allows me to be very flexible in my design but much attention has to be paid to detail. This year I created my version of Candy Land and I knew I wanted it… Read more »

How often have I heard from adults “I want to play at the playground too!”  And so we should be able to play too.  As someone who sells playground equipment I believe it’s my duty to play and test out playground equipment, cx fxand I’m loving every minute of it! Here are a couple of… Read more »

Play is an essential learning tool for children. It enhances the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Being curious, I’ve taken a look into what play really is and why it is so important for human beings. The 2009 task force report from the Cambridge, MA Healthy Parks and Playgrounds Initiative concludes the following: Play is… Read more »

Beach Series

It never ceases to amaze me how intensely the adults are playing along side their children: filling up buckets of water to pour into the pits that have been tirelessly dug out, carefully arranging turned over pails of sand to create the walls of a castle, patting sand and making proper use of the dry sand verses wet sand. I can’t help but smile because the adults are really having just as much fun as the children.