Hill Slide NYC

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Important issues when designing a hill slide:

1. Adequate shading. All playground equipment needs shade.  All materials get hot, even plastic!  So make sure to design your area accordingly.

2. What material is appropriate for your requirements? Stainless steel, plastic (polyethylene) or corian?  They all have pros and cons.

3. Slope of the slide.  Be sure to consult a playground design professional when considering a hill slide.  It is easy to make the slope of the slide too flat- in which case the sliding is so slow you would need to make it into a water slide to get the children moving again.  And it’s important to make sure the slope is not too steep- in which case the children would go flying down the slide.  If your hill is not the optimal height and length there are ways of changing the construction of the slide to meet the confines of your hill.

4. Weather and foot traffic can gradually erode a hill or mound.  The proper precautions should be taken when designing the sub base.  This issue should also be considered when deciding on the surface type of the hill.  There are many options for the hill surface to facilitate the child’s climb to the top.

Hill slides can look great and provide hours of fun for young children so let your imagination go wild and let’s design something exciting.