Rock Climbing & Other Challenges

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Inverted wall climber

As a child I spent many hours on the swing in my backyard, talking to my friends, the trees.  Of course I also loved to slide on slides (my favorite slide must have been at least 80’ long, located at High Park in Toronto –It’s no longer there and I can’t believe I could find… Read more »

The Continuing Discussion About Playground Equipment and Heat

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I just read this great article that I would love to share Download RIPRAP Dome Drama. The article is from Landscape Architecture Magazine, September 2010 edition, by Linda McIntyre.  I found it to be a fair, well rounded article about the questions and issues surrounding the playground heat debate. (The Union Square photo shows our Mountain… Read more »

Hula, Twist, and Charleston: Thinking in Motion with “Dancing” Play Elements

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Play is an essential learning tool for children. It enhances the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Being curious, I’ve taken a look into what play really is and why it is so important for human beings. The 2009 task force report from the Cambridge, MA Healthy Parks and Playgrounds Initiative concludes the following: Play is… Read more »

Activating the Brain: A Review of University of Wisconsin Play Research

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On my way to LA a couple of weeks ago, I read this fascinating article in the American Way magazine on brain research. It’s incredible what they have achieved with this tongue stimulating device to improve the negative effects of multiple sclerosis. Take a few minutes to read, it’s well worth it.

Beach Series: Need Things to Do With Kids? Try Playing!

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Beach Series

It never ceases to amaze me how intensely the adults are playing along side their children: filling up buckets of water to pour into the pits that have been tirelessly dug out, carefully arranging turned over pails of sand to create the walls of a castle, patting sand and making proper use of the dry sand verses wet sand. I can’t help but smile because the adults are really having just as much fun as the children.