April 1, 2015 marked a historic first. It was the first time in the history of the U.S. that a president officially declared World Autism Awareness Day complete with festivities, $1.3 billion in federal funding to further ASD and related brain research, and a declaration with a Presidential Seal. “On World Autism Awareness Day, our Nation recognizes all those… Read more »

Playgrounds are about so much more than swings and slides. No matter your age, there is something breathtaking about a playground that is designed for beauty as well as interaction. And, of course, the U.S. doesn’t have a monopoly on artistic concepts of play. Around the world, top-level designers are building playgrounds that prime children to develop a… Read more »

Girl on a Cell Phone

It’s hard to imagine a world where people weren’t actively talking, texting, and tweeting on digital devices. And yet, when we think of the “phone-bound,” we tend to imagine a horde of teens over-anxious to grow up. The truth is that children as young as six years old are being overexposed to digital media overload while… Read more »

When you think of a playground, you might imagine kids running across bridges, shimmying down twisty poles, and soaring on swings. What you might not immediately consider is what the thousands of physically-challenged children do at a traditional playground. The answer is, not a lot. It was not long ago that the first all-inclusive playground… Read more »

Robin Moore Designer and Architect

“Landscape architects are a crucial partner in creating new types of landscapes to support active, outdoor lifestyles in childhood.” – Robin Moore (“The New Nature Movement,” Children & Nature Network) Playgrounds have changed a lot in the last 50 years. They are no longer stark metal islands in seas of barren sand. Now, playgrounds are designed… Read more »

Ask any child what they love best about the playground, and you’ll get a multitude of answers. Whether it’s things to climb, spaces to run, or gadgets and gizmos to play with, almost any park has a certain level of appeal from a child’s perspective. Some kids are attracted by the sheer size and creative opportunities in… Read more »

Dance Chimes Battery Park

  As the little girl jumps in time to a silent rhythm, a naturally harmonic tune emerges from beneath her feet. She is stepping from one stone plate to the next, releasing notes in thirds and fifths to create a beautiful impromptu symphony of sound at the Thetford Forest Park in Norfolk, UK.   Even… Read more »

Summer’s here, and as the temperature rises you’ve probably found your mind wandering to visions of hot sand and cool water. Imagine lying out in the sun, digging your feet into the coarse sand, and feeling the force of a wave coming from and receding back into the ocean. It’s enough to bring you back… Read more »

When recalling our early playground memories, we remember how awe-inspiring the equipment was to our child’ eye. Often we look back at “the slide that was higher than a two story building” or “the bottomless sandbox” and think of how we begged our parents to bring us back. Although this feeling comes in part from our… Read more »