After a number of years in the playground industry and working with countless Landscape Architects I have started to see the world differently. All of a sudden, I relate cities to the interesting playgrounds that are there. Just last weekend in Seattle, I met someone from San Jose. Naturally I mentioned that he should check… Read more »

Here are a few slide installations from our awesome slide manufacturer.  This is really functional art! Biel Expo, Switzerland, Triple wave slide with polycarbonate covers Tate Modern Gallery, London (installed 2006), 5 Tube slides, stainless steel with polycarbonate covers PT Plaza Lifestyle Prima, Jakarta, Indonesia (installed 2008), Stainless steel slide with polycarbonate cover and 13 LED-rings,… Read more »

Hill Slide NYC

Important issues when designing a hill slide: 1. Adequate shading. All playground equipment needs shade.  All materials get hot, even plastic!  So make sure to design your area accordingly. 2. What material is appropriate for your requirements? Stainless steel, plastic (polyethylene) or corian?  They all have pros and cons. 3. Slope of the slide.  Be sure to… Read more »

In today’s age of tech savvy children playground designers are constantly designing new and innovative play components to attract today’s wired-child to the playground. This approach to new and innovative designs many times comes into conflict with society’s preoccupation with over protecting children from life’s bumps and bruises. As children continuously seek new ways to… Read more »

On our outing into the Troll Forest in Jaerna, a small town just south of Stockholm, my grandchildren found this amazing beam. It was a very long fallen tree that was still rooted on one side. The end of the tree was just high enough for the children to climb up to it. Together they made it… Read more »

Awesome huge #swing Doesn’t get bigger or better than this.

“Play for young children is not recreation activity…It is not leisure-time activity nor escape activity….Play is thinking time for young children. It is language time. Problem-solving time. It is memory time, planning time, investigating time. It is organization-of-ideas time, when the young child uses his mind and body and his social skills and all his… Read more »

Every year I build a gingerbread creation. For the past few years I have made my own patterns which is fun and allows me to be very flexible in my design but much attention has to be paid to detail. This year I created my version of Candy Land and I knew I wanted it… Read more »

Last week I was in Germany visiting suppliers. I spent a day at the Kraiburg factory and I saw how they manufacture the “EuroFlex” rubber tiles from start to finish. I had seen videos and pictures before but nothing comes close to seeing it in person. I have an enormous amount of appreciation for the… Read more »