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Play is essential to our physical and mental health at all stages of life. For children, playgrounds are an integral part of their early development. Physical, emotional, social, and imaginative skills are learned on the playground, helping kids gain confidence and coordination and enhance decision-making capabilities. 

The New 2024/2025 Goric Catalog


 As makers and designers of play equipment for children, we want to ensure our products and processes are as harm-free and sustainable for the planet as they are for the children that use them.  

Here we will discuss how we achieve our sustainability and environmental goals and how they translate to our world-class playground design.  


Our Environmental Commitment  

We believe that our health and the health of our planet go hand in hand. Our commitment to sustainable practices and ecologically responsible manufacturing extends to everything we do and our suppliers.  

In our estimation, we are only as good as those we choose to partner with. Each equipment manufacturer is vetted to ensure their philosophies align with ours—to reduce waste, conserve energy, purchase energy from renewable sources, and use ethically sourced raw materials.  

 Worker in Kaiser & Kuhne factory on curved tube slide.

Kaiser & Kuhne


Many of our structures use a high percentage of recycled materials wherever possible. Structures are built to last from high-quality stainless steel, prolonging equipment life and reducing maintenance costs over time. When the equipment reaches the end of its useful life, it can be fully recycled into new products.   

For example, one of our preferred suppliers, Linie M, uses stainless steel from 83% recycled raw material. Their manufacturing process takes place in Germany under stringent EU standards.  

All wood used in our structures is made from Robinia wood, a highly durable and long-lasting hardwood resistant to pests and rot and does not splinter. Robinia wood is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, ensuring all purchases contribute to global sustainable forest management.  

And arrangement of purple, green, yellow and blue EPDM balls and half balls on grey tiles.

EPDM surfacing and accessories in Savannah


The rubber used in our surfaces is sourced through Kraiburg, a company dedicated to minimal waste in their manufacturing process, as waste rubber is cycled back into other products. Kraiburg successfully reduced their carbon emissions by 30% between 2013 and 2020. 

Lastly, we print our catalog on recycled paper to reduce demand for new paper products and mitigate deforestation for that purpose. Browse our catalog today to get inspired for your next playground project.

Check out one of our projects that reflects the beauty that emerges when our commitment to aesthetics mixes with our sustainable product line.



Garvies Playground


Custom Design at Garvies Point, Long Island 

The Garvies playground project in Long Island is an excellent showcase for all we do at Goric Playgrounds. As the new neighborhood took shape, we worked closely with the development’s managing director and lead designers to help them achieve a result that would be unique, attractive, and engaging for the neighborhood’s kids.  


Working with multiple manufacturing partners enables us to deliver unique designs and structures to align with our client’s visions. As we are not tied to a single supplier, we can offer a broader range of play structures and identify materials and options that best suit the design instead of adjusting the layout to what’s available.  


In the Garvies project, the focal element was a towering pyramid slide that could be seen from blocks around, drawing children to the park to satisfy their curiosity and play on what has become the hands-down favorite of the neighborhood. We worked collaboratively with the developers to achieve a one-of-a-kind playground that stands out.