Do you remember the first time you climbed a hill and felt like a king or queen ruling the world? How great did it feel to stand on top of that pile of wood, earth or other material, looking at the small world below you? When I think back of my childhood, I remember it… Read more »

The Power of Outdoor Play

Parents and guardians are looking for more natural environments for their children to play in. “Children have a natural affinity toward nature. Dirt, water, plants, and small animals attract and hold children’s attention for hours, days, even a lifetime,” say Robin C. Moore and co-author Herb H. Wong in their classic book Natural Learning. Despite this… Read more »

“Every Earth Day is a reflection of where we are as a culture,” says independent documentary filmmaker Robert Stone in Leslie Kaufman’s New York Times article. As Earth Day turns 40, it still stands as a subtle reminder to reminisce about green living and ways to create a better future for ourselves and our children. While the corporate world… Read more »

focus on play

…this way of thinking is natural for a child! In the “terrible two’s” stage children learn that they don’t have to do anything; they can say no! This stage is well known for being an important part of a child’s development of his or her autonomy. The same natural attitude goes for work and play: children can play for hours in the sand, digging, piling, toy trucking sand from here to there; baking cookies next to their aunt; and they take delight in sweeping the floor just like Dad. They have chosen the task and it’s easy for them to focus on the task at hand and even enjoy it!

I have seen children play on many different playgrounds.  They are always attracted to anything that moves: swings, merry-go-rounds, spinners, see saws and spring riders.  There is something about the action and reaction created that is fascinating and exciting for the child.  Not only is the movement stimulating, but they get a kick from making something happen!  They push and… Read more »

The Dish seems to be one of the most popular pieces of equipment for lots of children to play together in co-operation. The children just love to push the dish around and around while others enjoy the ride sitting, lying or even standing on the top surface. The experience of the centrifugal forces is exciting.

Businessweek has rated playgrounds across the country.  Goric Marketing Group USA supplied 2 of the 10 most innovative playgrounds. We would like to encourage you to submit pictures of your local playground with your review…what do you like and what don’t you like and why? Do you have a question about fundraising, standards, or otherwise. … Read more »