‘Tis the Season for Play: A Holiday Wish List for Playgrounds

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With the holiday season in full swing, we’d like to showcase some recently released play options we’re really excited about. We like these designs for distinct reasons. Some uncover the enriching possibilities of the playground for children with atypical physical or cognitive needs. Others are especially innovative and daring in their designs. Still others create… Read more »

Micro-Playgrounds: Six Tips for Designing for a Small Space

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If increasing urbanization and limited housing stock has led to a wave of micro-units, rooming houses, and residential hotels in spatially constrained cities such as New York and San Francisco, there is a corollary in the world of playgrounds. For lack of a better term: the micro-playground. These compact designs, which typically fit on footprints… Read more »

Euroflex Balls and the Importance of Tactile Elements in Playscapes

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Supporting Sensory Play by Adding Texture   One of the best ways for playground and playscape designers to improve the quality of any surface space or area is by including a variety of tactile elements. Whether cut in half, or presented in full, Euroflex Balls invite exploration and encourage curiosity. Made from recycled rubber and… Read more »