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Goric is excited to announce the return of our full line of the Spaghettis, a series of imaginative and beautiful sculptural playground equipment.

Several years ago our manufacturing partner Linie M (known then as Conlastic) lost the design rights to two of the Spaghettis within the series. Though it was unfortunate at the time to have to discontinue a popular design, we are now proud to again offer the full line.

Playful Inspiration Anywhere

Spaghetti 1

Featuring intentionally nondescript designs, inspired in part by the seemingly unlimited shapes and curves that can be produced by a softened noodle, the Spaghetti play equipment presents deceivingly simple structures that invite intense physical engagement. With beautiful, clean lines and gentle curvature, the Spaghettis always catch the eye and spark the imagination.


Each design in the Spaghetti series possesses its own whimsical ability to inspire play. Stainless steel catches the glint of the sun. A curved, modern design encourages the exploration of climbing abilities. Invocative structural beauty allows for seamless placement in non-traditional playground settings. This simple and straightforward approach allows for children of varying ages and physical abilities to engage in developmentally beneficial fun at their own level.

Sculptural Beauty and Beneficial Play

Spaghetti 3 - Goric Marketing Group USA, Inc.

Spaghetti 3

Unstructured free play is increasingly understood to be an important aspect of childhood development. Playgrounds and children benefit immensely when equipment is included that does not possess a clear and obvious purpose, but instead invites the child to explore as they see fit. It is within this type of play activity that the imagination may be at its most engaged.


Clever placement of multiple Spaghetti designs within a play area can suggest the existence of a larger geometric structure, without completely deciding its shape. It is left up to the imagination of those at play to decide how to interact, how to climb, whether or not to grab hold and spin around. Always visually striking, the Spaghettis encourage playful interaction again and again.

Enhance Any Play Area

Spaghetti 2 - Goric Marketing Group USA, Inc.

Spaghetti 2


Unstructured free play also serves to encourage self-determination, and can lead to increased confidence along with an overall improved physical ability. Enhancing traditional playgrounds with structures that encourage free play through imaginative design and structural beauty can lead children to engage physically and mentally in play again and again.


When we think of playgrounds, what often comes to mind is equipment that possess a clear and obvious purpose. Swings are for swinging. You slide down a slide. By including sculptural play equipment such as the Spaghetti line into the design of a play area, or by adding such equipment to traditional playgrounds, elements of free play are introduced. This leads directly to a more beneficial play experience for all involved.

The Spaghetti Line of Imaginative Fun

Spaghetti 4


The twists and turns of sculptural playground equipment inspire the mind and challenge the body. Igniting the imagination while pushing limitations and improving the sense of balance leads to deeper and more playful explorations of potential and possibility. In short, children are quickly engaged and experiencing the benefits of play.


Goric is again very proud to offer the full line of Spaghetti playground equipment, and is happy to work with designers, planners, and all playground stakeholders to create a beautiful and unique placement for selected pieces.